Personal Health Service

To ensure quick access to various types of health services of good quality, Aker Care has established a personal health service. We offer consultations with a physician, psychologist or physiotherapist to all regular employees of companies with a Aker Care service agreement.

Based on the nature of your health problem you can make an appointment directly using the booking portal on this page.

To avoid unnecessary waiting time at our Aker Care center we have set a limit to the number of consultations for any single ailment; three consultations with a physician and five consultations with a physiotherapist and/or psychologist. Aker Care does not replace your general practitioner, but will act as a supplement to your GP.

Assistance with referrals

If you need further medical examinations and treatments we can assist you with finding available capacity at a relevant medical provider. We have good knowledge of the health care system both locally, regionally and nationally. We use this knowledge to find available capacity with the right medical competence, so that you can avoid unnecessary waiting. If you need assistance to find availability capacity for further examinations and/or treatments you can use the booking portal on this page.

Health examinations

Aker Care offers preventive health examinations that are not legally required under the Working Environment Act. Invitations to these health examinations are announced on the intranet, sent to the relevant department or distributed via mail directly to the employees. We plan to conduct about 2,000 preventive health examinations every year.

Payment for external services

All examinations and treatments by private healthcare specialists outside our centers, including specialist physicians, manual therapists and chiropractors, must be paid for by the employee. This also applies to X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound etc.

Taxable health benefit

The employer’s coverage of expenses for examination and treatment by an Aker Care personal physician, physiotherapist or psychologist beyond services included in the occupational health services may be considered a taxable benefit to the employee. The details concerning this tax liability and how to deal with it are yet to be clarified with the government authorities.

Inclusive Workplace (IA)

Aker Solutions and most companies in Akastor and Kværner are IA companies (Inclusive Workplace). According to the IA agreement the company will get reimbursements from NAV when Aker Care evaluate functional ability and assists with advice and initiatives to follow-up and prevent sick leave. Aker Care will on behalf of the employer assist in the application process. The application contains information about planned and completed actions, but no diagnosis or other medical information.