Occupational Health Service

Occupational Health Service detects and monitor work-related health risks and advise employees and the company on how to implement targeted measures to prevent disease and injury.

Expertise in occupational health service (OHS)

Our occupational health staff are skilled professionals in preventive health, safety and environmental standards. OHS is working to detect and monitor potential occupational health risks and advise the employee and the company on how to implement targeted measures to prevent illness and injury.

OHS have specialized expertise related to social security issues and sick-leave management. The combination of medical expertise and specific knowledge of your workplace gives us a unique position to follow up on sick-leave cases as well as provide support for employees with health or age related issues.

A good work environment increases productivity and reduces sick leave

Occupational Health staff are experts on the relationship between work environment and health. Our services contribute to increased productivity, reduced cases of work related illness and absence.

OHS play an important role where employees need to make lifestyle changes, such as weight reduction, stress management and smoking cessation.

We make employees healthier, safer and more motivated!

The most important tasks of occupational health are:

  • Mapping of work environment (physical, organizational and psychosocial factors)
  • Assist with planning and organizing tasks or work processes for your employees.
  • Ergonomic assessments: We give advice when planning new jobs or modifying existing jobs as well as when purchasing new equipment. We also do assessments of possible risk operations, body postures and heavy or monotonous work.  Additionally, we provide training in appropriate working techniques.
  • Advice on exposure to chemical substances,air quality, noise and light conditions.
  • We have expertise and can assist with different work environment measurements, evaluation of results and suggestion of mitigating actions. We may also collect health information about various substances and provide information on risk factors and adverse effects of chemicals.
  • We give advice on use of alternative or less hazardous substances (substitution).
  • Indoor environment: Occupational health can assist with the mapping of the indoor environment and make proposals for action. We can advise on ventilation, local exhaust, cleaning and other measures to improve indoor air quality.
  • Targeted health exams: We offer targeted health examinations to prevent development of work-related health problems. Employers and management have a duty to ensure that such health exams are in place for employees in some work operations with specific health risks.
  • Work related health examination: If you have health problems that you think may be work-related, we can provide a medical examination with advice on treatment strategies and social security / insurance rights as well as prevention.
  • Accident prevention: Occupational health can assist companies to identify risks and propose relevant counter measures. We can also give advice on protective devices and equipment.
  • Sick leave prevention: Occupational Health can assist business with sick-leave, prevention, follow up and rehabilitation. We can make a functional assessment of the individual employee in relation to capacity for certain work.
  • Courses: We provide in-depth insight into topics that promote healthier, safer and more motivated employees. Our courses are tailored and are a mix between obligatory and on-demand courses, developed in close collaboration with your business.
  • Health certificates: We provide examination and the issue of certificates for business or government. Such certifications may include: Fit for travel, offshore, seaman, rescue personnel, working in a hot environment etc ..
  • Other tasks: Occupational Health participates in the company’s working environment commission (AMU), AKAN and IA.