Appointments and services are available to employees from companies and locations that have a service agreement with Aker Care. Read more here. 

Please note that a co-pay of NOK 150 per personal health consultation will be charged to the employee. The fee should be paid by bankcard or by vipps after each consultation. Externals and hired-ins are welcome to use Aker Care services. Since externals are not covered by an Aker Care membership a fee for the services will be charged to each individual according to the attached pricelist.

  • Select «Individual Consultations» if you need an appointment regarding a personal health issue or a Fit for Travel/Offshore medical exam.
  • Select «Occupational Health and Health Promotion» for requests on behalf of a group or department. These services are mainly intended for management.
  • Select «Group activities and courses» if you would like to attend a health/lifestyle course or group exercise class

Opening hours during the Easter holiday:

  • Aker Care Stavanger and Fornebu will be closed from March 26 through April 2.
  • Aker Care Egersund will be closed from March 26 through April 3.
  • Aker Care Trondheim will be closed on March 26. Open on March 27. Closed from March 28 through April 2. mars.
  • Aker Care Bergen is open on March 26 and 27, but with limited services. Closed from March 28 through April 2.

If you experience problems with the online booking or you have other inquiries please contact Aker Care by phone: 40 00 48 50.

In case of any medical emergency, please call 113.