Appointments and services are available to employees from companies and locations that have a service agreement with Aker Care. Read more here. 

Please note that a co-pay of NOK 180 per personal health consultation will be charged to the employee. The fee should be paid by bankcard or by vipps after each consultation. Externals and hired-ins are welcome to use Aker Care services, but since externals are not covered by an Aker Care membership a fee for the services will be charged to each individual according to the attached pricelist

  • Select «Individual Consultations» if you need an appointment regarding a personal health issue or a Fit for Travel/Offshore medical exam.
  • Select «Occupational Health and Health Promotion» for requests on behalf of a group or department. These services are mainly intended for management.
  • Select «Group activities and courses» if you would like to attend a health/lifestyle course or group exercise class
  • Questions or other inquiries, please call 40 00 48 50
  • In case of any medical emergency, please call 113.