Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will I benefit as an employee?
  2. Who can use Aker Care?
  3. What types of health professionals are available?
  4. How is confidentiality and privacy ensured?
  5. What does it cost and are there any limits to the number of consultations?
  6. Will Aker Care replace my general practitioner?
  7. Will I be called in for a health check-up?

1. How will I benefit as an employee?

  • Quick response times for health assistance and easy-to-reach services for employees in Norway
  • An improved and well-coordinated occupational health service at all locations
  • Exercise and other health promotion activities at work
  • Health screenings and targeted assessments based on individual risk of disease and injury
  • Close follow-up during sick leave or periods with high risk of sick leave
  • Faster and more specialized support in cases of work-related health problems

2. Who can use Aker Care?

All employees from companies with an Aker Care agreement have access to Aker Care services. Externals or contract employees may use Aker Care services, but must pay for consultations and services according to a price list available at each center.

Employees’ family members are not covered by the Aker Care service provision, except for families of employees on international assignments or expatriates in Norway with family members included in the contract. However, Aker Care will provide advice to any employee who has significant difficulty performing their job due to a serious health concern in the family.

3. What types of health professionals are available?

All five Aker Care centers will have at least one of each of the following: physician, nurse, and physiotherapist. Psychology services will be limited to Fornebu and Stavanger. An occupational hygienist and ergonomist will be available on regular visits and requests to all locations with operations that require such services.

The number of professionals will be determined by the number of employees at the workplaces served by each center. We may use external contracted healthcare experts at some locations.

We will cooperate with both private and public health services to find the best solutions to health problems that require special assessment and/or treatment.

4. How is confidentiality and privacy ensured?

Confidentiality has the highest priority at Aker Care. We will maximize our efforts to build and keep the trust of all our employees when dealing with health concerns. All Aker Care staff are bound by the regulations issued by the Norwegian health authorities regarding privileged information and confidentiality.

Aker Care physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists and nurses will work either in the occupational health unit or the personal health unit. Patient records will be logged on separate medical record systems, and sensitive information will not be shared between units without the employee’s consent. All patient information will be stored on a remote secured server outside the company which cannot be accessed by anyone in Aker Solutions.

5. What does it cost and are there any limits to the number of consultations?

All services provided at the Aker Care centers are free of charge for employees of Aker companies that have a service agreement with Aker Care. The cost is covered through an annual fee paid by the companies. However, a co-pay of NOK 165 will be charged to the employee per consultation for personal health problems (not work related). 

The number of consultations for any single ailment will be limited as follows: three consultations with a physician and three with a physiotherapist or psychologist (where available). Further services from Aker Care will depend on the center’s capacity and may be handed over to your general practitioner (Fastlege).

Examinations and treatments provided by external health personnel will not be subsidized and must be paid in full by the employee.

6. Will Aker Care replace my general practitioner (GP)?

No, Aker Care physicians will act as a supplement to your own GP if you need a quick and convenient consultation. If you have had more than 3 consultations regarding the same health problem, Aker Care may refer you to your GP for further follow-up or to a healthcare specialist if necessary

7. Will I be called in for a health check-up?

Employees performing jobs that require a routine check-up due to national regulations will be notified by Aker Care in due time.

Non-mandatory health screenings of employees will also be conducted based on age and a health risk evaluations. The frequencies of such screenings will vary depending on the individual health risk and work exposure as well as the capacity at each center.