Health Promotion Service

Health Promotion Service assists employees in the implementation of exercise, healthy nutrition and stress management through individual and group based activities

The primary objective of Aker Care Health Promotion is to empower all employees to make healthy choices with regard to their behavior at work and life in general.  Through a variety of activities health promotion is an important part of all services that Aker Care delivers to our customers. However, we have chosen to put a dedicated Health Promotor in the “drivers’ seat” and focus specifically on three key areas: 1) physical activity 2) healthy nutrition and 3) stress management.

Our health promotors teach and supervise classes in low threshold exercise, healthy nutrition, weight reduction, stress management and work-life balance. They follow up on employees at risk of illness and sick leave and disseminate evidence based knowledge on healthy lifestyle via educational courses and campaigns as well as answering questions on the Aker Active web portal.