Recording of webinar: ergonomics in the workplace- for operators and office workers!

About 1 million employees in Norway report musculoskeletal disorders in the last month, and the complaints are partly or wholly due to work-related conditions. Fortunately, the symptoms can be prevented if we work systematically and preventive with ergonomics, but what measures do we know work?

Working above shoulder height, with computer tools, in unfavorable working postures, repetitive movements and heavy lifting are examples of mechanical loads that can increase the risk of ailments. Recent research shows that psychosocial and organizational working environment factors such as low control over work and conflicts at work can also trigger musculoskeletal disorders. Therefore, it is important to work preventative with physical, psychological, and organizational working environment factors.

In order work systematically and preventive, good communication and good cooperation between employees, employers, safety delegates and Aker Care (Occupational Health Service) are important. Employees need to communicate any challenges and suggestions for solutions to various ergonomic working conditions, and the employer should make arrangements so that employees can work without increased risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Aker Care can assists as a neutral, professional, and advisory party.

Preventive measures against mechanical exposure for employees can be aids such as:
– worktables/benches with raising and lowering possibilities
– suspension for objects to be worked on/with over time
– vibration-reducing measures on handheld tools
– aids to avoid heavy lifting in unfavorable positions.

Psychosocial and organizational exposures can be prevented by clear requirements, autonomy, rotation of tasks which involve for example heavy lifting and clear role clarification.

There are several preventive measures with regards to ergonomics, and Aker Care are happy to help if needed. For more information, please watch the recording of the webinars on ergonomics below.

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Ergonomics in the industry:

Ergonomics in the office: