Office ergonomics – how to make adjustments to your work station

Simple ergonomic adjustments to the office equipment can work wonders, making work more comfortable and more productive. It is essential to give the body the opportunity to work actively, naturally and varied.

In connection with COVID-19 restrictions in the office space, some employees might have to alternate between different workstations/desks in the office,  it is therefore important to make individual adjustments to the equipment you have at hand to optimize your working position and avoid muscle and skeletal disorders.

The video below demonstrates the most important ergonomic adjustments you can make to achieve a comfortable working position. Most office chairs have the adjustment options that are demonstrated in the video, but on some office chairs the levers/buttons may be positioned slightly differently. Please note that the video is in Norwegian.


Ergonomics in the home office

Some employees are still working from home and this can be challenging with regards to ergonomics. Please see below a short instruction video (3,5 minutes) demonstrating ergonomic principles when working from home. The instructions are in Norwegian.