Health@home – Day 5

Due to national measures to control the spread of the corona virus, many people spend most of their time at home. This is a challenge both for the work- and the family situation. Each day this week we will give you tips and advise on how to handle this difficult situation, DAY 5:

Topic 1: Mental health: Aker Care psychologist Brynjar Gunnarskog gives you a truly valuable article on how to find your strength in challenging times.

There is no doubt that we are in challenging times now with the Corona pandemic, both in Norway and in other countries. Finding personal strength in times like these can be difficult for all of us. But you should know that you have plenty of strength, as long as you search for it. Read the article here.

Topic 2: Ergonomics/Physical activity

Working from home can be challenging with regards to ergonomics. The ergonomic principles will nevertheless be the same for both office and home-office in terms of how to prevent muscle- and skeletal problems.

Short instruction video demonstrating ergonomic principles when working from home. Many people are working from home these days. It can be challenging to find good working positions. In Norwegian only, but you can still learn the basics by watching):

Excercise No 5 : (in Norwegian only, but easy to follow)

Yoga Session No 3  – Focus on upper body –  38 minutes:  Its suitable for both beginners and more advanced (in Norwegian only, but easy to follow)