Adjustments in Aker Care From July 1, 2017

The new “Lean Aker Care” model will go into effect from July 1, 2017.  As a result of financial constraints in several of our member companies, it is necessary to reduce the payment to Aker Care.

As the owner and the largest customer of Aker Care, Aker Solutions top management has been actively involved in exploring several alternatives to the present model, which was set up for a much larger organization than we are today. An alternative of providing only occupational health services and at a “minimum requirement” level has also been considered.

The new and leaner Aker Care version that we now will move forward with is appreciatively far above this minimum requirement service level and retains the basic service elements of Aker Care. However, given a 30 percent reduction in revenue from Aker Solutions, a downsizing of Aker Care is inevitable. We will to a larger degree differentiate and tailor our services to what the member companies and work sites must have in place to fulfill government requirements and industry regulations. Equally important, we will continue to deliver health services in a convenient way that gives our employees the best personal benefit in a demanding work-life situation.

Lean Aker Care will still consist of occupational health, personal health and health promotion services.  In principle, occupational health services will be unchanged and delivered at all present work sites according to yearly plans and special requests. Health promotion will be integrated in the occupational health service plan for each site.

Personal Health services will from July 1, be delivered from Fornebu, Stavanger, Sandsli/Ågotnes and Trondheim. Tranby will have physiotherapy service on location once a week. Employees from other sites may still make appointments for personal health services at the locations mentioned above. The number of personal health consultations from physician, physiotherapy and psychologist will be reduced (from today’s limit of five consultations per year) if the Aker Care Center deems it necessary due to high demand.

A co-pay of NOK 150 per personal health consultation will be charged to the employee. The fee should be paid by bankcard after each consultation.

Response time from service request to delivery will most likely be longer and accessibility to Aker Care personnel by phone will be limited. Services provided by externals clinics/non-Aker Care health personnel will not be subsidized and must be paid in full by the employee.

A location-based plan on what health personnel and services that will be retained or cancelled has been made, but the details must be fine-tuned with our supplier AktiMed according to their ongoing capacity adjustments.