World Mental Health Day 2022: We need each other #løftblikket

This year marks 30 years since World Mental Health Day was established on 10 October as an international UN day to promote mental health awareness worldwide.

“Verdensdagen” writes the followings: “Pandemic, war, climate crises, refugee crises and life crises. After two years in crisis mode, it seems we are facing an uncertain and challenging time. We should not have to do that alone. Loneliness and alienation are major challenges for public mental health. Statistics Norway and “Levekårsundersøkelsen” from 2020 showed that 11 per cent of the population was greatly troubled by loneliness, and that there has been a steady increase in perceived loneliness among young people”.

This year, “Cerdensdagen” wants to motivate measures and initiatives that reduce the distance between us. They emphasize the fact that we all have a fundamental need to belong and be part of a community, see the informational video below (in Norwegian only).

Read more at Verdensdagen for psykisk helse.
See also information in English from WHO regarding the World Mental Health Day 2022.