We are marking #WorldMentalHealthDay with 5 short informational videoes about mental health

On the occasion of the “World Day for Mental Health 2022”, Aker Care offers 5 short and informative videos regarding this year’s theme #løftblikket

  • Topic: Lift your gaze by Tore Grøndalen, Senior Advisor organization and management at Falck.
    No one is just what you see, but we need someone to see it. How do you lift your gaze in your everyday life?
  • Topic: Feelings by Jan-Martin Berge, Psychologist specialist Aker Care.
    Unrest, shame, fear and worry can feel paralyzing, and are a natural reaction to the times we live in. How do you deal with these feelings?
  • Topic: Loneliness by Brynjar Gunnarskog, Psychologist Specialist Aker Care.
    We all have a need to belong and be part of a community. How do we reduce the distance between us?
  • Topic: Belonging by Sindre Storvoll, Organizational Psychologist Falck.
    Feeling a sense of belonging means knowing that you belong somewhere, and that you have a place to go where you feel welcome. How to prioritize cohesion and community in the workplace.
  • Topic: Lifestyle and mental health by Kjersti Simensen, Nurse and Health Advisor Falck.
    Lifestyle and mental health affect one another. Get started with the 3 best steps you can take for yourself
All the videoes are available in both Norwegian and English and you can find them here. Password is: akercare