Skin Cancer Awareness – Check it out!

Euromelanoma is a pan-European campaign that aims to provide information on skin cancer prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. In connection with this campaign Aker Care would like to raise awareness about skin cancer and offer examinations of moles or skin lesions. During May all Aker Care centers will have designated days for this purpose.

Do you have one or several suspicious moles or skin lesions, please use this opportunity to have it examined by an Aker Care doctor. The consultation will last approximately 10 minutes. If you need further examinations or removal of a mole you will be referred to a dermatologist.

Below you will find an overview of which days you may book a consultation at the Aker Care centres.

Location           Date                         Booking link in Norwegian                                         Booking link in English                                   
Sandsli May 23 Past date Past date
Egersund May 24 Drop-in appointments Drop-in appointments
Stavanger May 24 & 25 Fully booked* Fully booked*
Fornebu May 25 Fully Booked* Fully booked*
Ågotnes May 26 Fully booked* Fully booked*
Tranby May 27 & June 6 Fully Booked* Fully Booked*
Trondheim May 31 Fully booked* Fully booked*
 Moss May 31 Ring: 40 00 48 50  Call: 40 00 48 50

*You can book an individual consultation with a physician any another day on the booking portal.

Should you not get an appointment on the designated day or you are not in the office, you can book an individual consultation with a physician any another day on the booking portal.

Skin cancer can be treated, and early diagnosis makes the chances of a full recovery very high. To learn more about skin cancer and how to prevent it, please go to: