The goal of the #sjekkdeg (get checked) campaign is to get more women to go to their General Practitioner (Fastlege)  and take a smear test (cervical screening)

#sjekkdeg is the name of the campaign that aims to motivate women to take a the smear test to avoid cervical cancer. The campaign was started by Thea Steen in 2015, she died of the disease in 2016.

Every year, more than 300 women in Norway get cervical cancer. A simple test can detect severe cellular changes that can lead to cervical cancer. Therefore, the goal is to reach women who:

  • Has never taken the test
  • Has gone more than 3 years since last test
  • Has reached 25 years old and has not yet been tested

A simple test can save lives – contact your GP to schedule an appointment.

As a part om the campaign 12 hospitals in Norway offer appointments to take the test on Septmeber 18, read more here.

Read more about the campaig here.