Campaign: Stand up for your health!

In this year’s last campaign, Aker Care will focus on everyday activities and good ergonomics. Being physically active is considered one of the most important things you can do to look after your own health

The campaign consists of the following: Stands, Workday stretching, article on back pain and 3 videos about ergonomics:

Visit our stand
Get advice and guidance from our physiotherapists on the perfect working position, and tips and tricks on what you can do to spend less time sitting down. Aker Care will be present at the following locations:

  • Fornebu Snarøyveien 20: 31 October
  • Fornebu Oksenøyveien 8: 1 November
  • Fornebu Oksenøyveien 10: 2 November
  • Moss: 4 November
  • Tranby: 3 November
  • Stavanger: 1 November
  • Trondheim: 1 November
  • Sandsli: 3. November
  • Ågotnes: 10. November

Workday stretching
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we offer 3 different workday stretching sessions. You can now see the workday stretching in recording via this link. Password is akercare.

Video messages
– Office ergonomics
– Ergonomics for operators
– Ergonomic tips for working positions
Click here to see the videos

Workplace assessment / physical therapy
Contact Aker Care if you need physical therapy or an ergonomic workplace assessment. Our skilled physiotherapists are ready to help