Welcome to the Aker Care Christmas calendar!

Join this year’s sporty Christmas calendar with short digital exercise sessions every weekday in December. What is hidden behind each door is a secret, but we can reveal that there will be elements of strength training, low impact training, yoga/stretching and lots of Christmas spirit!

There is no need to change clothes beforehand and all the sessions can be done in the workplace or in the home office.

  • When: every weekday in December up until December 22.
  • Time: 11.00 – 11.15
  • Registration: Sign up here
  • You will receive invitations by e-mail that you can accept or reject as you see fit
  • Recording of all sessions will be accessible here (available until December 31). The password for recordings is: julekalender2021
  • We recommend having a gym mat, blanket or towel at hand as some of the exercises are performed on the floor
  • The instructions are in Norwegian, but the exercises are easy to follow for everyone regardless of language