Telephone and video consultations available at Aker Care

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak visitation to the Aker Care clinic is currently limited. In this period Aker Care offers both video and phone consultations with physician and nurse.

Several issues can be solved over the phone and examples of this may be the extension/renewal of prescriptions, referrals to x-rays and specialists, questions regarding sick leave and advice regarding own illness (including illness not related to COVID-19).

By using Aker Care you also help reduce the pressure on the public health care system.

Note: physiotherapy services will not be available during this period. This is according to regulations from the Norwegian health authorities

To book an appointment use the online booking portal or call 40 00 48 50

For COVID-19 related questions, please call Aker Care COVID-19 support line at: 91 00 45 59