Q2 Campaign – What is Addiction?

Addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you. Addiction is most commonly associated with alcohol, drugs, gaming and gambling.

 Addiction is characterized by:
– Lack of control over the activity (alcohol, drugs, gambling or gaming)
– The behavior and / or use is maintained even if it has major negative consequences (socially, health-wise or financially) for the person.
– A lot of time and energy is spent on trivializing, justifying and hiding the addiction
– It often develops over time

Causes for addiction
We can find addictions in all age groups, in all social layers and with both men and women. Common for all is that the situation is complex, and that several factors intervene. Everyone has a history that characterizes them, and to understand why someone develops an addiction, it is important to see the whole person behind the addiction.  There can be many reasons why someone develops a problematic use or addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling activities. We have varying degrees of vulnerability or disposition to develop addiction. We also have different life experiences that we carry with us, it can be trauma, life crises, mental problems or other challenges. We often see that addiction is a symptom of other underlying causes. Do we manage to see the person behind the symptoms, or do we become blind to prejudices and preconceived notions?

Managers often say they are afraid of making mistakes and ruining a good relationship if they are worried about an employee or have a suspicion of substance abuse or gambling problems. The employee is often afraid of losing both face and employment if they open up about their challenges and ask for help.Nevertheless, it is important to open up for a dialogue and take “the necessary conversation”. Are you worried about an employee? Learn more about the “the necessary conversation” at akan.no.

Where can you get help and advice?
– The HR department is an important resource and can support managers with  suspicion and follow-up of addiction among employees.
– Aker Care can assist both managers and employees with guidance and advice
– Akan Kompetansesenter: Akan helps Norwegian businesses to prevent and handle issues related to alcohol, drugs, gaming and gambling. Contact Akan on: 22 40 28 00. Read more at akan.no

Sourse: Akan.no