New advice on physical activity – every minute counts!

This week, the Norwegian Directorate of Health presented updated information with regards to physical activity. The new recommendation is based on WHO’s information from 2019 and 2020 which is buildt on a large amount of research studies. The most significant change from previous advice is that all activity is beneficial to your health, and that every minute of activity has a positive health effect regardless of the length and intensity of activity.

Physical activity refers to all the activity you do, weather it is everyday activity or exercise. If you feel slightly out of breath the health benefit is vastly increased, but some activity is always better than no activity, and whatever kind of activity you do it will always have a positive effect on your general health.

Physical activity
Both adults and elderly should be physically active regularly, and all activity counts regardless of length and intensity. Just getting up and walking around for a few minutes will provide a health benefit.
All adults should be active for at least 150 – 300 minutes a week with a moderate intensity, or 75 – 100 minutes a week with high intensity, or a combination of high and moderate intensity. You probably get the best health effect by combining activity with high intensity and moderate intensity every week. This may sound like a lot to many, but all activity counts, and you can distribute it throughout the week as you wish. Adults are recommended to do strength training for large muscle groups at least twice a week, and elderly over 65 should train strength training and balance exercises at least twice a week to maintain physical function and prevent falls.

Sedentary lifestyle
Everyone should limit sitting still as much as possible. If you have a sedentary job, you should compensate for the negative effects of sitting still by being extra active when possible. As mentioned earlier just getting up from your chair and walk around for a few minutes will have a positive effect on your health.

– All physical activity is better than no activity, but more is better!
– Every minute with activity counts
– Strength training is important for everyone
– Limit sitting still to a minimum, as it can be harmful to your health

Source: Helsedirektoratet