Information Regarding Influenza Vaccination 2020

On September 21 the National Public Health Institute (FHI) and the Norwegian health authorities decided to postpone vaccination of all healthy individuals until December 1  because of vaccine shortage.

Priority is given to individuals defined as being in a group of high risk of flu complications in addition to healthcare personnel.  As of now the postponement  applies until December 1, and includes all influenza vaccinations carried out by Occupational Health Services.  At this time, this means that Aker Care will not receive the amount of vaccines we have ordered.

The public health system, private pharmacies and general practitioners (GP) are assigned the responsibility to carry out the vaccination for the prioritized groups.  Individuals at risk are defined as, but not limited to,  adults over 65 years of age, adults with asthma, chronic lung-/heart-/kidney-disease, diabetes 1 and 2, weaken immune system, extreme overweight (BMI>40)  or otherwise as defined by a physician.

Aker Care will comply with the priorities set by the health authorities and we encourage those of you who are in the risk groups to use the vaccination options mentioned above.

We will keep you informed if extra vaccines are available after December 1 and vaccination can be carried out as normal. In the meantime, we encourage all those in the risk groups to contact the public health system/GP for information on how to sign up for vaccination.

See for more information.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. If the situation and the advice from the health authorities should change, we will keep you updated.