Health@home – Day 4

Due to national measures to control the spread of the corona virus, many people spend most of their time at home. This is a challenge both for the work- and the family situation. Each day this week we will give you tips and advise on how to handle this difficult situation, DAY 4:

Topic 1: Mental health: Aker Care psychologist Jan-Martin Berge gives you a short talk about motivation

Topic 2: Ergonomics/Physical activity

Working from home can be challenging with regards to ergonomics. The ergonomic principles will nevertheless be the same for both office and home-office in terms of how to prevent muscle- and skeletal problems.

Excercise No 4: (in Norwegian only, but easy to follow)

Yoga Session No 2  – Focus on lower body – strenght & balance: 41 minutes:  Its suitable for both beginners and more advanced (in Norwegian only, but easy to follow)