Health@home – Day 3

Due to national measures to control the spread of the corona virus, many people spend most of their time at home. This is a challenge both for the work- and the family situation. Each day this week we will give you tips and advise on how to handle this difficult situation, DAY 3:

Topic 1: Mental health: Aker Care psychologist Brynjar Gunnarskog gives advice on how to handle worrying thoughts.

In these days with the coronavirus, society shut-down and overload of crisis information, many people experience anxiety and worry. Perhaps not so strange, after all, there is a real cause for concern. Not only a concern related to the virus itself, but also a concern related to the consequences of the virus and the measures taken. Even though we are concerned it is still possible to influence the degree of concern, what we are worried about and how often we worry. Learn more about how to deal with worrying thoughts in this article from psychologist Brynjar Gunnarskog.

Topic 2: Ergonomics/Physical activity

Working from home can be challenging with regards to ergonomics. The ergonomic principles will nevertheless be the same for both office and home-office in terms of how to prevent muscle- and skeletal problems.

Excercise No 3: (in Norwegian only, but easy to follow)

Yoga Session/Vinyasa Flow 45 minutes: This is a great yoga session for the whole body that you can do whenever you have the time. Its suitable for both beginners and more advanced (in Norwegian only, but easy to follow)

Topic 3: Infection prevention

What is a safe distance from other people?  This can be confusing and we tend to get different information from different sources. Please the fact sheet on social distancing from the Norwegian Institute of public Health. By maintaining a safe distance from others, we help to slow
the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).