Energy Breaks Offshore – 15-minute sessions especially for operators

15-minute sessions designed specifically for operators to prevent muscle and skeletal disorders. Easy exercises that increase blood circulation and loosen tight muscles.

For operators, preventive activities such as circulation, strength and stretching exercises is important, as many have work that can be static and that is performed in small areas. This can increase the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Energy breaks are a powerful tool to counteract this kind of problems, by focusing on mobility -and circulation exercises that make your body more capable of withstanding the stresses of the working day.

Below you will find links to 3 different energy breaks prepared by Aker Care physiotherapist John Sagflaat.  NB: The instructions are in Norwegian

There is no need to change into gym clothes to perform the exercises.

Positive health effects of energy breaks:

  • The range of motion in the joints improves
  • The connective tissue in muscles becomes more flexible
  • The articular cartilage is stimulated
  • Better posture
  • Muscle tension can be reduced
  • Better blood circulation
  • Reduced risk of strain injuries
  • More energy
  • Stronger muscles