Addiction – are you worried about a colleague?

Aker Care wants to raise awareness about addictions and give all employees a basic understanding of the topic, information about what you can do as a colleague/manager and where to get help and support.

In the video below you see Aker Care psychologist, Jan-Martin Berge in conversation with former drug addict Nina Ellioth Kvamsdahl. Nina talks openly and honestly about her life as a drug addict and how she became an expert at hiding her substance abuse over several years while working full time. Nina also tells how she has managed overcome her addiction with the help of her employer and Akan (the workplace advisory centre for issues relating to alcohol, drugs and addictive gambling and gaming). This is a powerful film about a difficult, important and taboo topic. You will get an increased understanding of the issue and knowledge of how to proceed if you are worried that co-worker has an addiction.

Note: The video is in Norwegian only.

Addiction is not only related alcohol and drugs, but also gambling/gaming problems. We have made two short articles related to each both topics. In the articles you will find information on:

  • What addiction is
  • Possible signs of addiction
  • What can you as a colleague or manager do
  • Where to get help and advice

You can read the article about alcohol and drug addiction here

You can read the article about gambling addiction here

Where to get help: Are you worried about a colleague who you think might be struggling with an addiction, or are you struggling yourself? Please do not hesitate to contact Aker Care or Akan – you will get help and support:

  • Aker Care: 40 00 48 50
  • Akan: 22 40 28 00